Rehab Management is an award-winning, nationally accredited Workplace Rehabilitation Provider that delivers a wide range of individual services and integrated rehabilitation and workplace health solutions. Rehab Management prides itself on helping employers provide a safe, positive and healthy work environment and offer innovative solutions and training for managers to prevent, identify and manage physical and psychological wellbeing. Get the most out of this FREE program by entering our Service Provider ID SPREH6675 when you register.

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Human Capital

Attract and retain staff by showing you value their health and wellbeing.

Costs Saving

For every dollar invested there is a return on investment of between three and six dollars… and ours costs nothing!

Free Health Checks

Each worker receives a free confidential health check.

Safety & Injury

Healthier workers can reduce injury rates and claims you a safer workplace.

What is get healthy at work?

When it comes to your business, workers are your most valuable asset. That's why caring for their health is important.

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Try our workplace health savings calculator

This easy to use calculator can help you to measure potential savings associated with implementing a successful workplace health program.

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Getting healthy at work has never been so easy!

We have a statewide network of Get Healthy at Work service providers that are ready to help; find out more

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