Build a Healthier Workplace


Get Healthy at Work has simplified the creation of a workplace health program into 4 easy steps. We guide you using our free tools and resources to plan a tailored program for your workplace. It is a cycle that can be repeated as many times as you like.

1. Assess

We provide you with the tools to understand the health needs of your workers and workplace and use that information to customise your health program.

Tools to assess your workplace needs:

Worker Survey

An online anonymous survey to ask your workers what health area they would like to focus on and how they would like to receive information.

Workplace Review

An online questionnaire for your workplace to understand how existing policies, practices and environment impact health. 

Healthy Lifestyle Check

An anonymous online health check for your workers. Complete 20 or more and you can access a summary report to inform the focus of your health program.

2. Plan

You can now use the information from assessing your workplace needs to build a customised workplace health program with Get Healthy at Work’s free, online action planner.

The action planner offers your workplace many different action items suitable for all levels of financial investment, many of which are free.

3. Implement

You’re now ready to start your action plan. Get Healthy at Work’s tools, resources and support will help with each action item. Use the action planner to keep track of the progress and success of your program.

4. Review

You’ve finished your program. Now is the time to review and reflect on your action plan. Understand the impact, what went well and what can be improved from your action plan. The lessons learnt can be used to develop a new action plan.

Overview of Get Healthy at Work

Resources to get started at your workplace

Get Healthy at Work Factsheet

A fact sheet that describes the Get Healthy at Work program

Get Healthy at Work Next Steps Email

An email template to outline to senior leaders the next steps of the Workplace Health Program

Manager Engagement Email

An email template to request the participation of senior leaders

Get Healthy at Work Presentation

An easy-to-use Powerpoint slideshow to present the business case for workplace health and outline the high level commitment required

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