Mental Wellbeing

Wellbeing encompasses your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social health. Mental wellbeing is more than just the absence of a mental illness. It relates to realising your own abilities, coping with the normal stresses of life, working productively and fruitfully, and being able to contribute to the community.

Nearly 1 in 6 Australian workers experience a significant level of mental ill-health in a four-week period [1]. The most common mental wellbeing issues are depression and anxiety disorders. If unaddressed, mental ill-health can have serious long-term impacts and can severely affect quality of life.

You can support the mental wellbeing of your workers through building a tailored mental wellbeing Workplace Health Program using the Get Healthy at Work online Action Planner.

[1] NSW Government. NSW Mentally Healthy Workplaces Strategy 2018–22. Catalogue No. SW09010 0618.

Mental Wellbeing

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