Active travel resources

Active travel (or active transport) includes any type of travel that involves physical activity such as walking, cycling and incidental activity associated with the use of public transport.

Active travel is an easy way to add more activity into the work day without committing to additional activities outside of your normal routine.

Helping businesses to complete the Active Travel Action Plan

  • Download the Actions Booklet and Sample Action Plan : Active Travel for ideas on goals and actions you could address.
  • When the Action Plan has been completed, upload it at Step 3.

Quick Wins

Here are some quick and easy ideas that can make a big difference.

  • Include information on travel options to workers in induction packages, newsletters and at meetings and toolbox talks.
  • Provide communal OPAL cards to encourage public transport use to and from external meetings.

Need help with active travel? 
Get Healthy at Work has a panel of active travel experts that can assist with planning and implementation. The Action Bonus can be used to purchase services from these providers.

>To find out more complete the active travel online training module.