Healthy Lifestyle Check

Under 15 mins

Thank you for taking part in the Healthy Lifestyle Check, part of the Get Healthy at Work program. Get Healthy at Work is an initiative of the NSW Ministry of Health.

These questions are designed to help you understand how healthy your lifestyle is, what health risks you might have (both physically and mentally) and what you can do about it.

Your answers remain completely confidential.

What is involved in the Healthy Lifestyle Check?

  • Complete this short questionnaire
  • Waist circumference with a tape measure over your clothes
  • You won’t need to provide blood or urine samples
  • You will receive immediate feedback and advice on your results, and the opportunity for you to engage with health support services

Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service

Depending on your results, you may be referred to the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service. This is a free telephone service which helps people make lifestyle changes such as healthier eating, being more physically active and achieving a healthier weight.

Your results are private

As part of the Healthy Lifestyle Check, your personal details won’t be collected unless you want to be contacted by the Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service, NSW Quitline and/or the MindSpot Clinic.

Participation is voluntary

Participation in the Healthy Lifestyle Check is completely voluntary. You can stop the Healthy Lifestyle Check at any time.

Your health is your responsibility

The results of your Healthy Lifestyle Check are a useful guide, but they don’t replace a visit to the doctor. Depending on your results, you may be advised to see your doctor for further assessment.

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