A Healthy Workplace is Good for Business 

Australians spend about one third of their lives at work, so being healthy in the workplace is important to maintaining and improving health. 

When a workplace focuses more on the health and wellbeing of its workers and implements a workplace health program there are many benefits that the workplace can experience: 

What Get Healthy at Work Offers Your Workplace?

By registering to the program, you will have free access to: 

  • Online training to develop your skills to implement your workplace health program
  • A comprehensive suite of tools and resources to support you through the process
  • Online Healthy Lifestyle Checks for your workers
  • Develop, save and customise your workplace health program at anytime 
  • Tailored support via email and phone

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What Get Healthy at Work Offers Your Workers

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By registering to the program workers will have access to: 

  • The Healthy Lifestyle Check, an online, anonymous health check that provides feedback on the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and mental ill-health
  • Referrals to free health services based off your personal Healthy Lifestyle Check results
  • A workplace environment that promotes healthy behaviours

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